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Burry Signs has a long history with cut vinyl lettering in Toronto. We were the second company in Toronto to buy the equipment to cut vinyl type. When our father saw the equipment first introduced, he was very excited. He could see vinyl replacing his brush and calligraphy pen talents, and through this new process he could pass his work down to his children without teaching them those hand skills. That time in Burry Signs history was a turning point for the business

What Is Vinyl Cutting?

Adhesive-backed vinyl can be computer-cut and easily transferred and applied to many surfaces. The end result is an image that appears to be painted on the surface. There isn’t a clear or white carrier sheet. The background surface, whether it is wood or glass etc., remains as the background.

Almost any artwork can be cut in vinyl. All that is needed is the digital vectored cutting line for the computer to follow. The art itself determines the best process and material to use. For example, if your art includes many colours within an object or image, it would be best to print the image onto vinyl and then computer-cut the vinyl around the object.

If you are simply cutting type or a logo with one to three colours, it may be best to cut directly from factory coloured adhesive vinyl and assemble the image onto the background. Don’t worry – we will suggest the best process once we see your artwork.

Common Uses of Cut Vinyl

You may not be aware of it, but cut vinyl is everywhere. You can see it every day on cars, trucks, boats, trains, lightboxes, windows, sign boards and walls. Basically, it can be used anywhere you would like the surface to which the image is applied to remain in the background.

There are a few advantages to factory coloured vinyl. For one, the colour has a longer exterior life expectancy than printed images. The pigment is married into the vinyl during the manufacturing process. This means the colour is not simply printed onto the surface of the vinyl.

In most cases the colour is straight through the vinyl, front to back. This is definitely an advantage for window graphics since the colour will be seen both inside and out.

A high-quality grade of factory coloured vinyl has a 10 year exterior life expectancy. That includes problem colours like red and black. During that time, colours should not fade and the vinyl should not crack or peel.

The second advantage to factory coloured vinyl is that the colour is clear, even and sharp. You will not see a dot pattern or print head marks in the colour. The edge of the letter is sharp since it is cut with a knife.

Lastly, there are speciality vinyl finishes available, metallic, florescent, frosting and metal etc. that cannot be recreated using printing process.

Why Print & Cut Vinyl?

We recommend printing and cutting vinyl when the graphics are too complex to cut out of factory coloured vinyl or a colour is not available to meet our clients’ requirements. Producing a cut graphic can be more labour intensive than printing and then cutting around the perimeter of the graphic – especially if there are many colours involved. We will advise you if your graphic crosses the line of being practical to cut in coloured vinyl.

Cut Vinyl Limitations

Size is the biggest limitation. The minimum letter height we suggest cutting is .4”. A line width should not be less the .15”. Height is generally not an issue. We can cut 46”. If that is not large enough for you, the graphic can be cut in more than one piece and seamed together. If your graphics are not reaching the minimum limits, send us a file. We may be able to make some suggestions!

Give us a call today to learn more about how cut vinyl can give your business or organization the competitive edge!

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