A professionally crafted, eye-catching sign not only identifies the location of your business, but combines advertising, marketing and branding in one. A well-designed sign with an attractive logo can tell customers and passerby about your business, what it does, and what it stands for all in one shot.

The sign tells them not only where your business is located, but helps establish your brand.

Some markers of an eye catching sign include:

  • Bold and bright colours.
  • Striking images.
  • Attention to font selection.
  • It fits the tone and vibe of your establishment.

Design elements for a business sign include text, colors, and images. Using these, our expert designers can create a sign that’s practically impossible to walk by without noticing. A memorable sign potentially means new customers, and a great sign should always be part of your advertising strategy.

A sign that pops can draw in people, while a nondescript one blends into the background, which deters customers from entering your shop on a whim. So it’s important that when looking for a quality storefront sign to leave it to the experts.

Your business sign is the chance to make a lasting first impression on prospective clients. As such, it offers an opportunity which should be used well, to promote your products and services as well as to share your vision.

If you’re looking to get a sign that pops, be sure to contact the sign and design experts here at Burry Signs Studio Inc. a call at: 416-778-7514.

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