How Exactly Do Signs Help Your Business?

Having a business with a great product or service is half the battle. Letting people know that you have that business is the other half. We all know that a large, clear, and well-designed sign on the front of the building is good, but few are aware of how signs help your business. According to a study done by a major university, signage has a big positive effect, and here are the statistics to prove it.

They attract new visitors

It might feel like common sense to think that your storefront sign can attract new visitors into your business, but you’d be surprised to know how many people came knocking on your door just because of the sign that you had on the outside. A study done by FedEx Office concluded that 8 out of 10 of the respondents said they walked into a store just based on its signage.

They reflect well on your business

Ever walk by a store with a rusty sign that was half hanging down and missing letters and then thought “wow that place looks great!” We doubt it and apparently most people do to. That same study found that 70% of respondents thought the sign outside of a business reflected the quality of the products for sale inside. By showing that you care about your outward appearance, you communicate that you care about what you sell.

People don’t want to visit stores without signs

This one doesn’t surprise us much at all. Signs are so commonplace that we notice when a place doesn’t have one. If they were legit, then wouldn’t they want people to be able to see them? 60% of respondents said that the absence of a sign deterred them from entering a business.

Enhancing your sign enhances your business

In a study conducted by the University of Cincinnati nearly 60% of business reported that enhancing the sign outside of their business resulted in a positive impact on sales – mostly because new people noticed them and perceived their business to be better simply because of the design on the outside.

It is good seeing people finally trying to quantify the value that a well-made exterior sign can add to your company. Here at Burry signs we make some of the best signage in the business, including expertly designed storefront signs, and we know the value of a professionally made sign and how it can help your business.

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