Adobe Illustrator is a powerful application that is extremely useful in designing all types of graphics, including customized signs for retail businesses. One of its useful functions is to turn text into graphics, which can then free it from being linked to a particular font. This is done by outlining the font.

The main advantage of outlining a font in Illustrator is to prevent a font from substituting when you move a file from one system to another. Once the font is outlined the type becomes artwork and the font is no longer needed in a different system.

Here’s how to outline a font in Illustrator:

     1. Select all or Select the type on the page you would like to outline

Note: type shows with blue line under type.

     2. Go to “Type” drop down Menu and select “create outlines”

Note: type now shows with blue line around each letter.

Keep in mind – once the font is outlined the type setting functions no longer exist.

Ensure you keep a master with the font not outlined encase you need to make some copy changes.

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