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There is no question that having the right type of retail sign is essential for every business. However, with so many businesses out there it can be difficult to make your sign stand out from all the rest. The good news is that there are a number of modern techniques and technologies available to create the right sign for your business, and Burry Signs is at the cutting edge of all of them.

Computer Assisted Design

One of the most prevalent techniques used for developing modern retail signs is computer design technology. Computers certainly help take the guess work out of signage by providing a better visual of your sign before it is built. If it is a storefront sign you are after, a good building frontage picture is all that is necessary to Photoshop your new sign in so it looks like it already exists. Car and Truck graphics can be Photoshopped too!

Computers also make it easier to communicate during the design process. Most, if not all of the design process can be done right at your own desktop through email. We can even talk material choices through pictures of previously completed projects. Samples can be sent to you if you need a hands-on sample, including colour proofs. Of course, you will be provided with a final proof for your approval, before your sign goes into production. The techniques we have developed through the use of computers has made the design process more visual, accurate and convenient. We would be happy to guide you through the experience.

Computer Aided Production

The files you supply or the proofs we provide will be used for the actual production of your signage. Laser cutters, Water Jet systems, routers, vinyl cutters and digital printing equipment all run directly off the files. What you see on your screen comes to life. Yes, there can be some hiccups. The human mind cannot be taken out of the process yet. Computers are smart but when it comes to things as complicated as colour our rational mind is still needed. That is what we are here for. Experience has taught us what to watch out for regarding the limits of computer technology. It is our job to share that knowledge with you.

Sign Design Tip

Keep it simple! Signs are read at a glance. You need your message to be clean and to the point to be powerful and effective. Don’t clutter it up in a effort to say everything about your business or product. If you sell hotdogs, say it. Not hotdogs sold here as you wait, $2.50, heated bun, phone number, website, pop, coffee, condiments. I think you get the picture (Another tip, a picture speak a thousand words). Make your sign strong so it works for you at a glance. There are other places you can promote the rest of the information.

Contact the Burry Sign Studio for modern, eye-catching signs for your business today: 416-778-7514.

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