Batifole banner stand


Do you run a local business? Then you know all too well how important it is to have strong advertising initiatives! Having a design team behind you is paramount in creating visual appeal to attract new customers, and to keep your loyal customers coming back.

While the main focus should lie in the products or services, an additional trajectory needs to be set when it comes to advertising. Using materials like signs, business cards and other unique means, will reinforce your local business’ identity and clean, attractive and clear advertising is what makes the difference between a semi-successful local business and one that becomes a fixture in the city!

Recently, Burry Signs helped local French restaurant Batifole (located in Chinatown at 744 Gerard Street East), create a brand new standing banner. Here is a bit about what we did for them.


Batifole is an intimate French restaurant that serves simple and delicious French fare. It’s been a popular among the residents of Riverdale and Leslieville for more than a decade and is cited as a great place to unwind, relax and enjoy simple comfort food. Batifole exudes a friendly atmosphere, a place where people can spend time among friends. This is something they wanted to reflect in the elements of their visual advertising.

When we began their design, they first supplied us their logo along with an image they wanted to include (the graphic of a dancing couple). We used these elements and what we knew about the restaurant to create the right balance of elements for both an attractive and effective printed banner.


Through this process we came up with a winning design, which received great feedback from the restaurant. They liked it so much they decided to create a set of matching business cards!

Working with a creative design team like ours at Burry Signs will help unify your advertising initiatives in an affordable way. Get in touch with us today for any inquiries or to start your next project!

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