Steeve Essam

Signs and Symbols: More Important than You Think

Creating an excellent product is only the first step to drawing your customers in. To build a truly successful business, you need to consider the representation of your product to your customers. Think of the brands that you love – how do they make you feel?

In most cases, you will realize that you have a strong emotional response to the symbolic representation of the products that you hold dear. Successful companies understand this, and spend endless hours and dollars creating that emotional connection to their product. Think of Coke, Nike, and countless others.

In fact, when The Gap tried to change their logo (not the name, just the symbol of the name) to the lower-case the gap, their customer base responded immediately. There was an instant negative reaction to this simple, and almost unobtrusive modernization of a business logo. They had to change back to the original version to avoid alienating their most loyal consumers.

This all goes to show that the way your product is represented in signage is incredibly important to your image and success. At Burry Signs, we understand the difficulty and importance of creating your symbolic representation. We know that colors and shapes hold emotional meaning for you and your consumer, which is why we will work with you to create the most effective sign possible.

We take our job seriously, and we will go above and beyond to help you create the sign and logo that is the best fit for your business. Check out our portfolio to get a sense of the high quality work that we produce every day. We take the time to get to know you and who you are, then use our experience and passion to turn your business into a symbol that will stay in your customer’s mind and heart – and keep them coming back.

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