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It is impossible to think about the largest and most successful companies on the planet without thinking of the logos that go with them. Usually they are fairly simple – an apple, the golden arches, or the silhouette of a basketball player – but don’t be fooled. Logos are extremely powerful tools. We specialize in crafting signage with your business’ logo on it. If you want more customers, then you should get one. Here is how they help.

Information in limited time

What vast amounts of research has shown is that logos heavily affect the decision making process when time is short. What’s more, the consumer processes the information in the same area of their brain where they process self-identity. So what’s happening is that the consumer, if they like the brand, associates that company or product with how they see themselves. It becomes a part of them.

That’s why so many of the world’s most successful brands come with a lifestyle around it. Clothing, electronics, food, and plenty of other businesses all focus on these areas. Yours would do well to have that sign hanging on the outside so that customers passing by could recognize it and come on in

Colour, shape, and meaning

What first catches a person’s eye is the colour of the logo. That colour is recognized by the brain instantly. Shortly after, the brain begins to form the object into a shape, and then adds in past experience and semantic value. For example, if they’ve bought from you before and liked the experience, this will solicit a positive response from the brain. What this means is that eye-catching colours should be on the top of your list.

Logos change behaviour

Believe it or not, logos, and perhaps the emotions associated with them, changed the way that people behaved across numerous brain studies. People subliminally shown different brands acted differently, and even scored differently on tests. This could mean that they have powerful effects on how we act and make decisions that we don’t even have control over. For your business, this means a beautifully-made sign with your colourful logo hanging on the front of your business is your ticket to molding how people perceive you.

Business is competitive, and you can be sure that your competitors are going to be looking for every edge they can get. Having colourful, shapely, and creative signs on the front of your building is your ticket to getting more customers, and proudly displaying your logo will help bring more people in the door. Burry Signs has years of experience crafting great signage for local businesses. Contact us today to find out how we can help you.

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