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We’ve already covered why having a logo is essential for business success, how they change customer behavior, and how our signs can help make yours shine, but we thought we would dig a little deeper and find out just what makes a great logo. Experts have weighed in on the topic, and certain tips have stood the test of time. Here are some great tips for those companies looking to make a great design and put it on the front of their business.

Your logo should distinguish you from your competitors

The last thing you want to do is emulate what someone else is doing. Your logo needs to help you stand out from the rest. This not only means using the right colours and shapes, but also making sure there is a distinguishing characteristic. Everyone remembers Coca-Cola for their cursive script, Ebay for their colourful letters, or McDonald’s for their giant swooping arches. Make sure your logo stands out.

Keep it simple

You don’t want to reinvent the wheel. Customers think in the moment, and you want your logo to be instantly recognized. The simpler a logo is, the easier it is to look at and easier it is to remember. With split-second decisions, the human brain doesn’t have time to take many different things in when acting on visual cues. Think of how Apple changed their colours from the rainbow to solid black. Simple aesthetics are what make your logo work. When placed on a sign or made with vinyl letters, they are even better.

Risk taking

This is a controversial topic, but one that has gained steam in recent years. As more and more adventurous start-ups hit the market lead by young people appealing to a young demographic, riskier logos are starting to become the norm. We mean risky as in ones that have the ability to knock someone out of the park or catch someone’s eye, but might not be the traditional concept of logo. Think of Snapchat – their logo is a ghost. Think about, a major online content hub – theirs is a little alien. A risky logo can knock your competition into left field and hit a homerun for your company.

Nothing makes a logo look better than when it is on the front of your building on a beautiful sign, on a car or truck or designed with vinyl lettering. But knowing what makes a great logo in the first place is crucial before you contact a professional company to make your sign. Make sure you take some risks, keep it simple, and distinguish yourself from your competitors.

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