Afexa Life Sciences Inc. acrylic sign


Reception signs

Reception Signs need to be made of products that can be finished to perfection since they are displayed like furniture in high end office settings. They speak for the professionalism of the company they portray and usually are viewed from a couple feet away. Acrylic boosts the characteristics necessary to produce and finish a office reception sign any company would be proud to display.

Acrylic can be laser cut. Unlike a router, laser cutting produces nice tight inside corners and finished edges, since it does not use a tool bit leaving rounded inside corners or tool marks on the edge. The laser beam is very thin leaving the inside shape of a’s and e’s as well as the 90 degree corners found in many other letters perfectly shaped. The heat from the laser melts and polishes the edge of the letter during the cutting process. No tool marks can be seen.

Acrylic can be professionally painted. Most brands require pantone colour matching. The paint systems available today provide high quality paint finishes and colour matching. You can even specify the sheen to be glossy, semi-gloss or matte. The pantone colours are formulated much like paints bought at home supply stores. To date I have not had a customer complain about a colour matched using the system.

Acrylic is available in a variety of thicknesses and can be glued. Very useful when producing a logo that needs to be layered (as above). You can mix up the thicknesses of the different layers creating a more interesting 3D logo.

Acrylic can be drilled and tapped. Meaning, metal studs and spacers can be used on the back of the lettering, allowing it to be installed on the surface with some space between the mounting surface and the letter. A very nice touch!

Not all logos should be produced in acrylic. If you want a metal finish I recommend you use metal. Acrylic will never be able to replicate metal finishes without looking fake. Logo’s with fine lines and detail should also be done in metal. Acrylic is brittle and can be broken during the assemble or installation process. If you want a colour logo and do not have any logo details to be concerned about acrylic is an excellent material for an office reception sign.

If you are in the market for an office reception sign Burry Signs would be happy to help you!



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