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Burry Signs is fully equipped to print a wrap or cut lettering for your car, truck, boat or bike. We can apply the graphics at your site or in our bay. Logistically speaking Burry Signs is flexible. If it makes more sense to move the graphics to the vehicle/s we have on the road installers that are willing to work at your location. We understand how important it is to keep your vehicles moving and strive to provide a service that will achieve that.


Not only can we produce and install the graphics on your vehicle we can design too. Our designers have many years of experience working with cars and trucks. Often the simpler the design the better. A line here - a swoop there can flash up your graphics and hold it together too. Even better - in todays world - much of the design process can be done on-line without you even leaving your desktop. Let our team walk you through it.

Lettering your vehicle is a must. For the most part your truck is your storefront. You are on the road all the time and your business truck or van is parked right where you are working. Neighbours have been watching what you have been up to. Some want to talk and get more information about your services. Lettering your vehicle will making it easy for them to reach out to you. Get you more work and make your business look more professional too.

Custom decals is one of Burry Signs specialties. We take as much pride in our work as classic car owners have for there cars. We can design, produce and install pretty much anything you can imagine. It could be a racing strip travelling over your cars contours. Trickier then its seems. Or some funky 60's flower power or love and peace design for you classic Volks Wagan Van. Just give us a call.


2mil cut vinyl graphics is what you need for your boat. It is water resistant, UV resistant and very durable. It can even be applied to the inside of a fish tank. Even better it is easy to apply for the many handyman boat owners at the helm. So...give her a name...and letter her in the style she deserves.



Printed wraps are cool but cut vinyl lettering is more practical. Vinyl lettering is more cost effective, lasts longer and looks great. If you want to letter a truck for under $1000. cut vinyl is your best option. It is far easier to apply and uses less material then a truck wrap saving you money on labour and material. Their isn't any need to wrap edges and print full backgrounds. Cutting vinyl has a 10 year plus exterior rating. The colour is married into the material during the manufacturing process creating solid clean colours that is straight through the material - not digitally printed onto the surface like a truck wrap. Black is truly black! This does mean the design is limited to using vectored images when using cutting vinyl. If you want a picture you have to print a wrap. In other words the design determines the media. You can combine the two - printed images with cut lettering helping to keep the costs down and gives you an image too. A high quality 3M Wrap vinyl is rated for 7 years outdoors. Really what more do you need on a vehicle? Just keep in mind two opposing fact when designing your vehicle - lettering over images can be harder to read - a picture speaks a 1000 words. I have seen many beautiful printed wraps but I must say cut vinyl suits vehicles. It leaves the trucks painted surface as the background. Rather then covering up your truck and turning it into a billboard cut vinyl becomes a part of the trucks design. You can do strips - lettering - line artwork - with clean and solid factory colours as well as speciality options you will never find with a printed wraps - metallic silver & gold, pearlescent, florescent or reflective.




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Marilyn Lake

Partner at The Ideal Environment / Brian Lee Architect

Excellent service for branding, signage, banners etc Carmen really understands how to make your images look fantastic. We are picky Architects and Interior Designers, and her photo reproduction and mounting is simply the best.


Never Disappoint - We have been using Burry Signs for well over 3 years for all our locations! Fast, reliable, and professional service are the things that come to mind with Burry Signs. I actually remember using them 15 years ago (at a previous company) and I continue to receive the great service, I did back then.

No nonsense, straight shooters - always has the job done sooner than I had expected it. Looking forward to our continued relationship! Thank you!!!

Mccormicks Imp

We got the sign for our store through Burry Signs. They were very professional and we are extremely happy with the results! Our 'McCormicks Imports' sign looks great!!

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