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Our mounting and laminating services are some of the techniques we have developed which allowed us to create an extensive sign product line for our clients. We can print and mount any image to a host of substrates that in turn have their own structural or price conscience characteristics. This means we can print an image and mount it to crezon (plywood) and produce a free standing sidewalk sign or mount it to fome-cor and make a lightweight wall poster.

All our prints are laminated with a clear vinyl to protect them during the mounting process and the end result is a durable sign that will withstand natural elements and client use. Our laminated prints can also be applied to walls and windows, creating 4 colour process custom murals, wallpapers and floor graphics (installation serviced available). Unlike many of our competitors, we laminate banners we print and install into retractor banner stands, increasing tear resistance and protecting the print from scratching while still enhancing the image.

Our techniques allow use to create some truly unique custom products like game board, bean bag toss boards, event photo props and film props all branded with company graphics. Bring us your ideas and our team will brainstorm how to effectively bring your idea to life.

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Mounting Substrates – Characteristics & Common Uses

Coroplast (Hi-Core) – black or white

Durable and cost-effective corrugated plastic sheet (thicknesses 3mm, 4mm, 6mm, 8mm)

Finishing -scored and folded, grommeted, “h’ stakes, d/s tape or Velcro, easels

Exterior use – POP signage, on the road event signage, posters, lawn signs, sidewalk frame inserts, fence signs, real estate and election signage, table top signs, posters, trade show and convention signage

Sintra Sheet

Durable PVC sheet (thicknesses 3mm, 6mm) – black or white

Finishing - cut to shape, heat bending, drilled, grommets, D/S tape or Velcro, easels

Light Exterior use – POP signage, hall interior signage, posters, table top signs, podium signs, trade shows and convention signage

Styrene Sheet

Durable thin flexible plastic sheet (thicknesses .020, .040, .060)

Finishing - Cut to shape, flexible, grommets, D/S tape or Velcro

Exterior use – POP signage, posters, prints for poster frames or tracking, sign overlays, wall signage, podium wraps

Fome-Cor Board

Cost effective lightweight foam board (thicknesses 1/8”, 3/16”, ¼”) black or white core Great for temporary event signage, grommets, D/S Tape or Velcro, Easels Interior use only – posters, sale signage, table top signs, pedestal stands, podium signage, trade show and convention signage

Gatorfoam Board

Extruded polystyrene foam board bonded between two layers of Luxell wood-fiber veneer Lightweight rigid stable dense foam board that stays flat and holds its shape – black or white core (thicknesses 3/16”, ½”, ¾”, 1”) Finishing – Cut to shape, grommets, d/s tape or Velcro, easels Exterior Use – POP signage, office posters, interior signage, table top signs, trade show and convention signage


Composite board with thin aluminum sheet on two sides and PVS foam core Finishing – Cut to shape, V-grooved and bent, holes drilled, glued – Variety of factory colours available included brushed aluminum and gold Exterior Use –Wall posters, storefront prints in frames, lawn signs, hoardings

Crezon (plywood) Board

Smooth face plywood designed for graphic – high quality exterior glues – wind resistant (thicknesses ½”, ¾”) Finished – Cut to shape, drilled, screwed, glued, edges shaped and finished, hinges, paint Exterior Use – Sidewalk sign, hoardings, road side signage with posts

Acrylic Panel

Rigid plastic sheet great for higher end signage (thicknesses 1/8”, ¼” ½”) Finishing - Cut to shape, edges flamed, drilled, glued, heat bent, rounded corners, beveled edge – variety of factory colours and finishes available including clear, frosted and non-glare Interior Use / frame required for exterior use – suite office signs, office reception signage, interior prints, table top posters, plaques Note: We apply our prints on the backside of clear acrylic to protect the image.

Aluminum Sheet

Baked on enamel top coat – variety of colours and finishes available (thicknesses .040, .064) Finishing – triangle and stop sign shapes available, rounded corners, drilled, glued, post mounts Exterior Use – Parking area and garage signage, exterior door signs, wall signs

Laminating Services

The most common laminate we use has a slightly matte texture finish. We also stock semi-gloss, hi-gloss and scribe (write on, wipe off laminate). All our laminates are outdoor durable some with longer exterior life expectancy than others. Our waterproof inks and laminates are UV resistant, meaning the print will last at least 3 years outdoors and the laminate with not yellow over time. The laminate protects the link from scratching and airborne dust, dramatically increasing the lifespan of the print. Not only does the laminate protect the print, it also enhances the visual impact of the image. Hi-gloss laminates increases the vibrancy of colours but unfortunately light glare can render your print difficult to see. Our matte laminate ensures you do not have glare issues and your message is clear to catch the attention of any passersby.

Let us know your expectations of the sign and we will be happy to suggest the best print media, mounting substrate and laminate for your specific project.



Marilyn Lake

Partner at The Ideal Environment / Brian Lee Architect

Excellent service for branding, signage, banners etc Carmen really understands how to make your images look fantastic. We are picky Architects and Interior Designers, and her photo reproduction and mounting is simply the best.


Never Disappoint - We have been using Burry Signs for well over 3 years for all our locations! Fast, reliable, and professional service are the things that come to mind with Burry Signs. I actually remember using them 15 years ago (at a previous company) and I continue to receive the great service, I did back then.

No nonsense, straight shooters - always has the job done sooner than I had expected it. Looking forward to our continued relationship! Thank you!!!

Mccormicks Imp

We got the sign for our store through Burry Signs. They were very professional and we are extremely happy with the results! Our 'McCormicks Imports' sign looks great!!

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