9-Jan-2019 11:29:53 PM / by Carmen Pellerine

Office Signs

We had the privilege of collaborating with Sabrina Bitton Designer Inc.
designing and creating Mantella office signage. Showcased in this portfolio
are four of the receptions signs produced and installed
throughout the office building interior. All of which are stunning!
The above main reception sign creates a powerful impact mounted
on a brushed aluminum wall seen as you exit the elevator.
Sabrina wanted the logo to reflect strength, stability and class
yet at the same time create a sense of bling. To achieve these effects
we produced the “M” as a 4” deep aluminum channel letter
and painted it Mantella’s Pantone colour. The sheer letter
size and thickness mounted flush to the wall achieved the effect
of strength and stability. 1/2” water jet cut aluminum,
painted matte black, was used for the lettering,
mounted on 1/2” spacers giving them lift and a sense of class.
Polished aluminum for the line and triangle decor provided
the bling, bling, bling.










Sabrina’s interiors combine beauty and function in an elegent professional fashion.

I am sure you agree our signs are the icing on the cake.

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Thanks, Sabrina! Still to this day I feel proud of the Mantella project.

It is always a pleasure working with you!

Carmen Pellerine

Written by Carmen Pellerine