10-Jan-2019 12:50:55 AM / by Carmen Pellerine

We have all gone window shopping.
It is always helps when there is a message on the glass
providing passerbys with some idea of what to expect inside.

Often when new stores are opening the budget is very tight.
Labeling your windows is a cost effective way to make yourself visible and welcome new clients. It may be just what you need to get started without breaking your pocket book.

Window graphics are very versatile. They can be used to brand your store front with your business name and contact information or advertise a promotion, products or service. Window graphics are also used simply to decorate a space or block views and sunlight. Popular today are films that look like frosted glass installed in office setting to provide privacy to the occupant. We have the capability to cut custom designs in privacy films as well as provide installation services.

Using your window space simply makes sense.


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Carmen Pellerine

Written by Carmen Pellerine