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Wall Murals and Lettering

Printing and installing custom wall murals is one of our specialties.
This mural was produced over 10 years ago and was our first.
It is still in use at a bar called Prohibition on Queen St. in Toronto.
The picture was taken the night prohibition ended.
That is what you call making your walls speak.
Any high resolution image can become a wall mural
for your business or home. Thousands of images are available on-line. has an incredible library of professionally taken images
for just about any topic you have in mind. If you are interested in
something more personal it is possible one of your pictures
can you output as a wall mural. We would be happy to check it for you.


It is surprising how fast a mural can you up.

The panels are a maximum of 52” in width, limiting the number of seams,

printed on 3M vinyl that has an adhesive. An overlaminate mades

the mural easy to clean and our Eco-solvent inks are highly resistant to fading.

Thank you, Mike at Prohabition, for trusting us to produce and install

your mural. It really helped us grow our business creating wall murals

as a new product.









Carmen Pellerine

Written by Carmen Pellerine