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Acrylic Office Sign

A beautiful sign we felt we should share with you.

The materials used on this acrylic sign complimented the logo and business well. The acrylic is frosted with a printed and cut vinyl image on the backside. The frost of the acrylic softens the logo giving the sign a feel that matches the character of the logo and the business. Music to the eyes!

Burry Signs has produced many acrylic signs similar to this sign. Some using clear acrylic so the wall shows through and others with coloured or frosted vinyl overlays on the backside providing contrast to the wall. 3D acrylic lettering can be adhered to the face of the acrylic panel to provide more dimension and character as well. Many material options are available that can be used to enhance your logo and make your sign one of a kind. Our sign designers will be happy to help you choose your materials and make your project easy while producing a cost effective and professional office sign.

A few other benefits I would like to mention about acrylic signs – they are more cost effective and easier to install then 3D logo office signs that do not have a panel. An acrylic sign is also easier to move with your business when changing location. The hardware spaces the acrylic sign panel off the wall about 3/4″ giving the sign a 3 dimensional element that increases the signs visual appeal. Since the graphics are on the backside of the acrylic the vinyl lettering is protected from damage or vandalism.

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